What are natural soy wax candles?

Natural soy wax candles - enjoy the clean, natural and non-toxic comfort 

Beautiful soy wax candles with natural essential oils help to calm and relax you. These are wonderful and non-toxic candles that bring lovely scents and a relaxing feeling to your home or holiday house. In Nordic countries we have long and dark winters, hence we spend a lot of time indoors with a need for warmth and comfort. This has inspired us to create beautiful, natural and non-toxic candles for our own needs and to bring joy also to you - no matter where you are.

With purposeful intentions and a passion for quality, our mission is simple: to create beautiful, botanical candles that fill a room with delicate aromas, helping you to de-stress and unwind from the fast-paced modern world.

Our products are made with the purest natural ingredients and are fully biodegradable. We use 100% soy wax, a vegetable-based wax that is renewable, vegan resource. Unlike paraffin wax, which is a petroleum by-product, soy wax is clean burning – it releases no toxins, carcinogens or pollutants when burned. When burning mass market paraffin candles you are typically able to notice the black soot appearing on the walls of your candle or the candle stand. This is not only dirty looking, but it is also harmful for humans and pets as it spreads in the air that you breath.

Natural organic and vegan soy wax candles - Purely Nordic


Natural scents and essential oils - perfect natural mixture with soy wax

We use only pure essential oils. Essential oils are distilled directly from plants through highly labor-intensive processes, which extract the vital essence of aromatic plants from the flowers, fruits, sap, seeds or skin of the plant, as well as the bark, leaves, roots, resins or wood of certain trees.

Essential oils are very different from synthetic fragrances that have been made in laboratories from petroleum and synthetic chemicals, many of which can be toxic to breathe. When burning a candle scented only with pure essential oils, you will enjoy a lighter, naturally-enticing aroma.

100% natural essential oils in our organic natural soy wax candles - Purely Nordic


Making of soy wax candles - poured by hand

We have a carefully planned natural process for creation of the hand-made candles for your pleasure. We melt the soy wax to a correct temperature before mixing it together with the natural essential oils. It is important to mix them in correct ratios and at a temperature that is suitable for these natural and delicate ingredients. Once the soy wax and essential oils mixture is ready we carefully pour it to the beautiful glasses that provide you with a lovely candle burning experience. We have also tested a variety of different wicks that provide a clean  and nice looking flame.


Running natural soy wax to a candle glass

We welcome you to experience our high quality natural candles yourself or as a beautiful and considerate gift to your loved ones. We offer several different candles and scents that take you to a warm relaxing moment and perhaps back to those loveliest memories reminded by the familiar scents.

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