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Buddy - a Finnish forest creature

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Buddy - a Finnish forest creature

Deep within the lush, verdant forest, a tinkle of laughter and soft whispers carry on a refreshing breeze. Magic weaves and wends its way around mossy floors and the dappled sunlit canopy. A flash of brightness catches the eye - what can it be?!

With more forest than any other European country, Finland's forests cover around 23 million hectares (76%). As any fairy-tale will tell you, the forest is a magical place. It is a place of wonder. It is the place of monsters, witches and fairies.

Buddy (Kamu) is a "creature" that lives in Finnish forest.

Once you decide to adopt one, it will follow you for life. Give your Buddy a name. Tell  them your secrets and hopes, they will keep them forever. Buddy will be by your side no matter what and help you stay calm if you are nervous. Avoid leaving them alone for too long as they like to be by your side.

Buddy is a tiny sculpture, individually hand-made in Helsinki, Finland with porcelain. Each buddy has a unique expression and personality.

Buddy is a pocket-pal for kids or adults. If it gets dirty you can wash it in warm soapy water.

Each Buddy is approx 3.5 cm in height.